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Performance Coaching with Couch to the Summit
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In-Person Biomechanics Review - Vancouver BC
THE IN-PERSON BIOMECHANICS REVIEW with COACH JAMES STEWARTI've been conducting in-person biomechanic reviews with my coaching athletes in 2022 and 202..
VK Training Plan - 6 or 12 month
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Couch to the Summit Performance Coaching offers customised 6 or 12-month training plans specifically tailored to improving your VK performance. As an ..
Performance Coaching - First Three Months
I am currently accepting new athletes!  You can learn all about my coaching by reading my coaching page here.Please email me at coaching@couchtot..

About Us - Couch to the Summit

Create a Life of Health and Adventure.

Couch to the Summit is the website of Elite Trail Runner, Adventure Photographer, Performance Coach and Health Enthusiast James Stewart.

James specialises in getting the most out of your body in a healthful and long-term sustainable process of consistency and best practice science-based endurance training principles. Head over to to learn more...