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Performance Coaching - First Three Months

Performance Coaching - First Three Months
Performance Coaching - First Three Months

I am currently accepting new athletes!  You can learn all about my coaching by reading my coaching page here.

Please email me at if you have any questions or comments.

I am located in Vancouver, Canada and I'm available to chat on +1 778-229-8230. I work with athletes anywhere in the world.

I ask athletes to join with a three-month minimum financial commitment to see if coaching works for you and to cover the time spent on onboarding and for the training process education.

I ask athletes to have a long-term focus and to understand how the coaching process works (i.e. working on strengthening your foundation to maximise your potential for fitness improvements in subsequent years), so it takes time to establish a good relationship and develop results!

A year of coaching is typically recommended to see meaningful results. I've seen significant improvements in athletes I coach in years 2 and 3, and this is expected with my approach.

Current Monthly Rates*:   USD$125   CAD $160    AUD $160    EUR €125    

Three Month Sign up Rate via Credit Card*: USD $400  CAD $500   EUR  €400    AUD $400

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Signup/onboarding fee: Free

*other currencies accepted - please enquire


Coaching services are priced differently across the internet and this can make it hard to discern if you are getting value for money. With Couch to the Summit Performance Coaching, I have decided to keep my rates at the low end of the spectrum and I believe I offer excellent value for money. I put a lot of effort into my coaching as my major employment focus, rather than a side-gig that many coaches use. My choice is to work with more athletes at a lower rate to help as many people as possible as I can in an affordable way and because my preference is to work with athletes over the long-term 2-5 year time range to maximise their athletic potential - and the rates are low to allow an athlete to stay onboard for the long-term. If for any reason cost is a prohibitive factor for you, please get in touch and I'll try to come to some arrangement that works. I'd rather see someone progressing in the right direction than having to miss out.